Who we are?


Graham Ross, CEO of The Mediation Room.

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Franco Conforti, Ph.D., CEO of Acuerdo Justo.

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What we do?


We offer a fast and fair dispute resolution service to ex-pats in Spain whether the dispute is with a  person/business/authority in Spain or back in the UK .

We will help resolve disputes without going to court.

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How does it works?


We use  Acuerdo Justo and The Mediation Room technology to mediate on-line.

UK-Spain Online Dispute Resolution Service

Are you a British ex-pat living in Spain

in dispute with

people, businesses or the authorities

in Spain?

Then we can resolve it for you entirely online

without the time, cost and stress of going to court.

Franco Conforti
Franco Conforti
Graham Ross
Graham Ross

Since nuances of language can confuse anyone conversing in other than their first language, our system, by providing two experienced mediators working together, ensures a better understanding of what the parties wish to say, their interests and objectives. 

A UK mediator talks in private and in confidence to the English speaking person and a Spanish mediator does the same with the Spanish speaking person. These conversations are private to each discussion so that the mediator will not reveal what is said to him to the co-mediator/other party without specific permission from the person concerned. The two mediators then converse between themselves in private and identify options to put to  the parties. 

This parallel confidentiality helps each party to be open and frank with the mediator so as to better help the two mediators to assist both parties to find a creative solution that is mutual acceptable. 

As this online process can take place either through a joint online meeting or by exchange of messages on a secure Online Dispute Resolution platform, it can proceed much more quickly than through in-person mediation or through court. If by exchange of messages  in each person's time as convenient to them, it need not disrupt the normal day.

Under our system the solution is one that both parties find acceptable and of benefit on one way or another.

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